Hot Kathy Riding Dick Like All Women Should (Zdonk) - why women like big dicks


why women like big dicks - Hot Kathy Riding Dick Like All Women Should (Zdonk)

Finally the debate is over: size matters, and women prefer men with larger packages because it predicts a man’s sex appeal, according to a new study in the journal Proceedings of the . Seven of eight women (84 percent) think their man's penis is just fine. Like the Greeks, the ancient Romans thought the most attractive penises were on the small side. A big .

Enjoy penis size 2 - 4 inches without taking medicine or surgery: generations one question has dominated the minds of men everyw. I feel like I’ve been able to work around all the dicks I’ve had. Taking a really big cock can make things a little slower, so I tend to prefer ones that are slightly shorter and more versatile.

A big dick does not mean a great partner. So much of sex is about touch, anticipation, generosity, comfort levels, tenderness and filth things that have nothing to do with penis size and everything to do with the energy between two people. This preference is mental and learned. I a very few women it’s so strong it could be called a fetish, but this is rare. Most women don’t really care. Aside from a possible mental thrill, a large penis doesn’t generally make sex better for women. Some women find wider is better, but longer makes no difference because the deeper part of the vagina has very few nerve endings devoted to .