Peter Norths great cumshot #61 - how big is peter norths dick


how big is peter norths dick - Peter Norths great cumshot #61

I saw this a while back and could hardly believe it was peter north by just looking at the dick. It seems like it has gotten much thicker in this video, what do you guys think? Is it really getting bigger or is Madison Ivy just that small, proportions are what this industry thrives on. PeterNorth Fucks Big Titty Madison Ivy - Pull it out and blast again. Let's see cum on snatch, mouth, cock and all over the fucking place. Keep up the in-and-out while you're cumming, Peter! Below babe should be glazed, above babe should be sucking the cum off Peter's cock." During his interview with Chris Heath in the summer of , Peter North kept insisting that he was retired, a lie.

It really depends on when the picture was shot. I have seen Peter North go from about " to his current size which I estimate at 8". He openly discusses his involvement in Penis Enlargement. As a matter of fact he has some Penis Enlargement mpegs floating around the web. Peter North is billed as “The Cumshot Legend” after making appearances in adult films for over 25 years. Clearly the mystique surrounding massive ejaculate loads is enough to bring attention to one man. He purportedly has a “secret” to his on-screen performance feats.

I've been following Peter North's work for years, and you are right as some new scenes were appearing a few months back I noticed immediately the shape of his cock had changed. It now seems shorter and stubbier than before, and has a serious bend in it - I wonder if he had a 'porn accident' similar to Mark Ashley and Prince Yahshua who both had. Peter North was discovered at a private party in Los Angeles in the early ’s. He began his porn career shortly thereafter, starting with gay porn under the porn name Matt Ramsey. He later moved on to straight porn and adopted the name Peter North.