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The goal of condom programming is to ensure that sexually active persons at risk of HIV/STIs are motivated to use condoms, have easy access to quality condoms, and can use them consistently and correctly. It addresses the supply of and demand for condoms as well as the political, sociocultural, and economic environment. This. StaySafe Plain Condoms are made of high quality latex rubber and provide the highest level of protection. Unlike studded or ribbed which have a textured surface, plain condoms have a smooth surface. StaySafe plain condoms are known as the most effective way to prevent pregnancy and STD’s including HIV, which causes analed.xyz condoms made of .

Condom distribution (CD) is an evidence-based activity. A meta-analysis of structural-level CD interventions found that CD can result in a number of outcomes that may help prevent new HIV infections. These outcomes include 1) increased condom use, 2) increased condom acquisition or condom carrying, 3) delayed sexual initiation orFile Size: KB. There are several ways to promote condom use among people at high risk for sexual transmission of HIV. Individual and group-level interventions help do this by directly addressing individual’s knowledge, attitudes, skills, and behaviors related to condom use, while community-level interventions give a strong emphasis to changing social norms.

TABLE1. ATTITUDESTOWARDCONDOMUSE: MEANSANDSTANDARDDEVIATIONS(SD) FORBLACKMEN WHOVARYIN THEIRINTENTIONSTOUSECONDOMS SubsequenttTests Grp1: Grp2: Grp3: Always Low High Grp1 Grp2 Grp1 =-condoms. Condom Distribution as a Structural-Level Intervention May Fast Facts • Condom Distribution Programs (CDPs) have been proven to increase condom use, prevent HIV/STDs, and save money. • CDPs change the environment so that there is increased availability, accessibility, and acceptability of condom use.