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Eros Luciano Walter Ramazzotti (born 28 October ), kent simply as Eros Ramazzotti, is an Italian muisicker an sangster-sangwriter. Ramazzotti is popular in Italy an maist European kintras, an throuoot the Spainyie-speakin warld, as he haes released maist o his albums in . Eros & Anastacia: Yo pertenezco a ti y tu perteneces a mi por siempre. Anastacia: Te quiero, baby Te quiero Y pense que deberias saber que yo creo. eres el viento debajo de mis alas Eros Ramazzotti está en la posición del ranking de .

EROS RAMAZZOTTI official: Jul 25,  · The Lyrics for Anastacia I Belong to You (Il Ritmo Della Passione) by Eros Ramazzotti have been translated into 2 languages (feat. Anastacia) EROS - Adesso no, non voglio più difendermi, supererò dentro di me gli ostacoli i miei momenti più difficili, per te.

Throughout his career, Ramazzotti has done duets with some very well known artists such as Cher, Andrea Bocelli, Joe Cocker, Carlos Santana, Tina Turner, Anastacia, Luciano Pavarotti, and Laura 28 October (age 57), Rome, Italy. Eros Ramazzotti, Soundtrack: Only You. Son of Rodolfo Ramazzotti and Raffaella Molina, Eros was raised in Rome in the Cinecittà neighborhood. Since his teens he showed a natural passion for music and tried for admittance to the Music Conservatory, but he failed the evaluation. Mastering the guitar, Eros taught his skills in playing and analed.xyztion: Soundtrack, Actor, Composer.