Mature woman teaching girl how to be an adult - coaching an adult with add


coaching an adult with add - Mature woman teaching girl how to be an adult

Jun 14,  · An ADHD coach is a trained professional who helps you come up with ways to handle the responsibilities and activities made harder by your ADHD symptoms. Coaching is a tool you can use with Author: Rachel Reiff Ellis. Coaching is an intervention that complements medication and other non-pharmacologic alternatives. As a specialty within the broader field of coaching, ADHD coaching is a practical intervention that specifically targets the core impairments of ADHD such as planning, time management, goal setting, organization and problem solving.

Lisa’s career coaching supports adults and emerging adults at all stages of the career-development process in cultivating self-knowledge, confidence, and competence to implement an effective career search, and in strengthening skills and competencies needed to experience goodness of fit and to thrive professionally.