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california brown pelican plumage sub adult - Classic US : California heat

Feb 03,  · various subspecies of brown pelicans (Wetmore , Anderson and Hickey ). The California brown pelican (Frontispiece) can be distinguished from the eastern brown pelican by its larger size and its darker hindneck while in breeding plumage (Wetmore ); the California subspecies also has larger eggs (Anderson and Hickey ). Of the seven or eight species of Pelicans found worldwide, two are native to North America—the marine Brown Pelican, Pelecanus occidentalis, and the fresh water White Pelican, (Pelecanus erythrorhynchos).The California Brown Pelican, a subspecies of P. occidentalis, is the smallest member of the pelican is easily recognizable because of its famous pouched bill that .

Pelican at Seaside Cliff - Two Brown Pelicans, one adult in colorful breeding plumage and one juvenile in brown and gray, resting on a seaside cliff. Apr 11,  · Identifying Characteristics: T he brown pelican is one of two species of pelican in North America. This species is easily identified by its typical pelican form, huge bill and pouch, gray-brown plumage, and contrasting dark brown and white neck and head in adults. The brown pelican weighs up to 8 pounds and may have a wingspan of 7 feet.

Jun 25,  · In basic plumage, adults have a white neck and belly, pale yellow head with occipital crest, a brown body, brown eyes, a throat pouch that is reddish orange, and a billface that is paler at the base and tipped with yellow.