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adult yahoo - Filipina GF( old yahoo days)

Good luck finding a adult chat room since yahoo changed all that years ago. I'd try groups on yahoo to see if someone has made a private room or conference room. To many preverts spoiled the old chat rooms & now it's mostly bots. Try your home state & chat their maybe someone will have a hook-up for you possibly cam shots. Have a good night). It depends where you are and what you mean as an "Adult". Most places and people would consider 18 to be an adult. At 18 you can move out and live without a guardian, you can get married, vote, ect - without someones permission to do so; you can do all that 'adult stuff '. You are considered mature (in majority).

Adult-rated chat rooms have been moved off the main interface of Yahoo!'s Instant Messenger client a week after the software was upgraded. The new Messenger client V highlighted conversations. Search query. Yahoo. Help; Privacy; Terms; Privacy Dashboard; Advertise.

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