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For our adult merchant accounts, we do not require any type of upfront reserve on pre-approved accounts! Work with experts who have actually been adult business merchants themselves. Our xxx payment service providers approve your business with Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Discover. "Need a merchant account set up for your adult website? Merchant Stronghold offers escort merchant accounts which are specially designed for online, in-app. Get in touch with Merchant Stronghold to manage your escort merchant account today. Your escort business is commonly included with the frightening task of looking to be authorized and set up with an escort merchant account.

Adult Merchant Services Adult/XXX is a high-risk storefront that will require you to find a merchant processor who handles high-risk credit card transactions. If you are over the age of eighteen, you can purchase pornography and sex toys or call phone sex lines for . Adult merchant accounts typically come with a monthly credit card processing volume cap, often because they are new. Basically, this means a merchant is limited by a certain determined dollar figure that be accepted via credit cards. So once the limit is reached for that month, the merchant is essentially shut down for business.

Risk free Escort Services Merchant Account providers for escort services. At HighRisk Gateways, we provide Escort Services Merchant Account for the escort service providers. By enabling online payments through the website, there is a huge growth in revenue. The merchant accounts are designed for the websites, mobile apps, and phones or even for. Within the credit card processing industry, however, adult merchant accounts are generally classified as “high risk” merchant accounts, and many merchant account providers will therefore refuse to offer credit card processing for adult entertainment websites. .