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An applicant is an NP with a graduate degree in adult health OR gerontology only. Recommendation: Endorse and continue population designation of adult OR gerontology and practice with that specific population only. Scenario Six: Graduate degree in adult or pediatrics, but without acute or primary care designation. The city of Detroit had adopted an "skid row" ordinance preventing adult businesses from locating within 1, feet of any two existing adult businesses or within feet of any residential area. The theater that challenged the law contended that the zoning ordinance was a content-based law that targeted businesses because officials did not.

Apr 13,  · The new laws, enacted Tuesday night by county commissioners, prohibit nudity in bars where alcohol is served and establish adult-entertainment-free zones around schools, churches and homes. Some zoning ordinances explicitly use the rules of vested rights to define grandfathering, and other ordinances grandfather exceptions that would not have vested rights. For example, amending a zoning ordinance but allowing pre-existing lots to use standards from the prior zoning ordinance would be a grandfathering that was not required under.

Apr 02,  · The law -- conceived to restrict the conduct, attire and dance moves of "entertainers," as well as their, ahem, "proximity to patrons" (i.e., lap dances) at Prince George's County establishments. Code of Ordinances. CODE OF ORDINANCES OF THE CITY OF GULFPORT, MISSISSIPPI: Adult entertainment businesses. § XII. Rehabilitation health clinics and plasma centers. Article 3. GENERAL PROVISIONS: Article 4. ADMINISTRATION: Article 5. PROVISIONS FOR FLOOD HAZARD REDUCTION: Article 6. VARIANCE PROCEDURES: Article 7. SEVERABILITY.