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On completing the in Curriculum & Instruction – Adult Education degree, you will be able to: Design effective programs, materials and lessons for adults. Present key education theories and build successful strategies based on these theories. Jun 16,  · Traditional student populations enjoy being taught, but adult learners would prefer to explore a topic on their own. This format is often called “didactic teaching,” according to Adult Education and Lifelong Learning: Theory and Practice. In didactic teaching, activities and assignments are designed to give students the chance to learn on their own.

Upon completion of the Master’s Degree in Adult Education and Training, students will have increased competence in: Applying adult development theory to adult education instruction, courses, and programs; Assessing diverse individual adult learner needs and aspirations and identifying appropriate learning experiences;. In adult education, as with any other learning context, teaching does not occur in isolation; teachers operate in a broader educational and programmatic context that influences their abilities to implement evidence-based instruction and increase effectiveness.

May 07,  · The quality of adult education instruction is a critical factor in improving student outcomes in reading, mathematics and other key skill areas. Adult Education. The West Hartford Adult Education program provides opportunities for adults to improve their English (ESOL), improve basic skills (ABE), earn a high school diploma, or attain citizenship (CIT). These mandated adult education programs are free to adults 17 and older who live in West Hartford and are no longer enrolled in a public school.